We are thrilled to be launching the new ISP website, logo and tagline.  Over the course of two years, many stakeholders in our ministry walked with us as we discerned the best way to convey the ISP mission in words and images.   Read on to find out a little bit more about our process and the end results.


We were looking for a clean, modern logo with a visual element that incorporated a strong sense of our mission.  The flame present in the “I” of Ignatian ties in our new tagline, “Lighting the Path,” and symbolizes the “spark of hope” we hope to kindle on ISP retreats.



We knew we wanted a tagline that was image-based, dynamic and full of energy, and one that succinctly conveyed the feeling captured by our updated mission statement: to invite people recovering from homelessness and addiction to encounter God’s love, hope and healing through spiritual companionship that transforms lives.

Lighting the path achieves all of that, and provides us a touchstone image of the path which we as the ISP community walk in hope, together. We know our role is not to build the path or to give directions on which way to go. Rather, ISP helps shine the light of God’s unconditional love for each of us on our journey… the light which can show the way forward. 


With our website redesign, we were hoping to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive virtual home for ISP.  We knew key elements would include individual pages for each of our network affiliates, a place to showcase our Stories of Hope, a volunteer portal to access program resources, and easy, intuitive ways to discover where we are located, find out how to get involved, and learn more about our theory of change.  Our partners at Paraclete Multimedia helped us bring this vision to life.