Stories of Hope

Life-changing stories of hope, healing and wholeness


I showed up at the St. Martin De Porres House of Hope recovery home on the South Side of Chicago lifeless, penniless and hopeless. I continued to stay there because I had nowhere else to go. I had severed every family tie. I had almost lost the will to live. Through…

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In 2014, I was standing on a street corner in Kent, WA, just released from prison for the 5th time.  My wife had died from a drug overdose, and I also had lost my son and daughter to drugs. At the time I realized that I was all alone… a survivor with nothing to show…

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I took my first drink of alcohol when I was 12 years old. That first drink of alcohol made me feel very powerful and beautiful. I thought I was a smart little girl because I added water to the liquor bottles so that they looked full. My mother came home from work one day and smelled the alcohol.

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You can read more about our alumni participants who have experienced life-changing hope, healing, and wholeness, in our book, Stories of Hope