Ambassadors of Hope

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Ambassadors of Hope

The Ambassadors of Hope is a leadership program for ISP alumni team members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and merit as facilitators on their local ISP teams. The program engages these alumni leaders to use their gifts, talents and abilities to advance the mission of ISP while strengthening their recovery, deepening their spiritual lives, and walking with others on the journey.The Latin word magis is at the heart of the Ambassadors of Hope program. St. Ignatius of Loyola spoke of magis (“more”) as striving to make full use of our gifts, talents, and abilities to become our best selves and serve the world. The goal of the Ambassadors of Hope is to empower those who have experienced first-hand the transformative effect of ISP to become future leaders in our ministry.

The 2-year program consists of a range of retreats, workshops, and customized practicum experiences which provides spiritual formation, pastoral and ministry skills, and leadership training. Each Ambassador works closely with a Companion from their ISP team for the duration of the program.

The first cohort of Ambassadors of Hope are set to graduate in Spring 2021.

Striving to make full use of our GIFTS, TALENTS, and ABILITIES to become our best selves and SERVE THE WORLD. 

The retreat gave me hope and inspired me to move forward in my life. I realized this was God taking me— “worth nothing”, “poor”, “outcast from society”—and preparing me to help others.  Now, as an ISP – Seattle team member for the past 2 years, I love seeing the difference God is making to the guys who come on our retreats.

—Dennis, ISP Alumni & Ambassador of Hope