From Darkness into Light

From Darkness into Light

Each year, ISP welcomes over 2,000 overnight retreat participants, and provides over 4,500 experiences of hope and healing throughout the network. 

Guided by the wisdom of Ignatian spirituality and interwoven with traditional 12-Step approaches, ISP retreats invite those recovering from homelessness and addiction to take time away to reflect on and deepen their relationship with God/Higher Power, to gently name the places in ourselves that need healing, and to bond with others on the journey. ISP programs are meant to “light a path” forward. Our hope is that through reflection on life experiences within a safe and warm environment, our participants can begin to find the self-acceptance, hope and healing needed to to reclaim their lives and move forward.

our participants can begin to find the SELF-ACCEPTANCE, HOPE AND HEALING needed to to reclaim their lives and move forward

 Many ISP program participants go on to achieve positive life outcomes, including housing stability, ongoing sobriety, increase in education and job attainment. They reconnect with family, access needed support systems, and become leaders in their own communities.  

    Over 90% of participants tell us at the end of their retreat experience that:

    • they feel part of a community
    • the retreat helped their recovery and/or spiritual journey 
    • they believe change is possible