Ambassadors of Hope

Program Details


Who are Ambassadors?

ISP Ambassadors are beacons of hope. They are men and women of faith serving as volunteers that long to share their gifts, talents, and abilities with others that are on the journey of recovery. They are dedicated to “paying it forward” and advancing the mission and ministry of ISP locally and throughout the ISP network. 

Ambassadors teams are pairs of individuals committed to participating in the 2-year formation and leadership program together as companions. Traditionally, at least one person on the team is a former ISP retreat participant. However, in certain circumstances both people that make up the Ambassador team can be former retreat participants.

 Empowering those who have experienced first-hand the transformative effect of ISP to become future leaders in our ministry

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors participate in an integrated 2-year ISP formation, service and leadership program designed to deepen their spirituality and strengthen their recovery while growing as ISP leaders on the local and Network-wide level.  

The Ambassadors of Hope program draws on the personal experiences of Ambassadors and is guided by Ignatian Spirituality and the 12-step tradition. Throughout the 2-year program, Ambassadors will engage in:

Network Formation: Ambassadors attend four retreat workshops and participate in two Network Leadership Conference gatherings over the course of the program.

Local Formation: Ambassador pairs engage in monthly spiritual formation to reflect and share on their faith journey.

Leaders Reflecting with Leaders: The entire Ambassador cohort gathers monthly for formation and prayer.

Network Service and Leadership: Ambassadors help facilitate or present at a range of ISP Network programs and events.

Local Service and Leadership: Ambassadors share the gifts and talents they are developing in the program with their local teams and community.

Core values

Ambassadors of Hope is founded on core values of Leadership, Companionship, and Reflective Learning. 

St. Ignatius’ sense of leadership was inspired by his spiritual life, where his weaknesses and vulnerabilities became a source of grace.  He was able to accept his wounds as a place to meet God’s transforming power, and because of this  was able to meet other people in their own humanity. This is a countercultural view of leadership. We are called as leaders because, not despite, our woundedness. We are invited to serve as wounded healers, from a place of humility, courage, empathy, and vulnerability. These are at the heart of our ISP ministry.

At ISP, we believe relationships are transformative. Ambassador teams build strong, lasting connections with one another through shared experiences and time spent together. This relationship is more than friendship; it is a mutual fellowship that seeks and encourages the spiritual growth and well-being of one another through compassionate listening, discernment, prayer and reflection, encouragement and accountability. This companionship is nurtured throughout the program and hopefully endures long after. 

Reflective Learning
Reflection upon experience is a hallmark of Ignatian spirituality and the ISP ministry. Regular reflection exercises expand Ambassadors’ understanding of themselves, one another, and the mission and ministry of ISP. By reflecting on individual and shared experiences, short readings and videos, as well as personal relationships, participants deepen their spirituality, strengthen their recovery and develop new insights and skills.

Nomination and Application

The ISP Network asks all those interested in the Ambassadors of Hope program to enter into an intentional discernment process before seeking nomination.  Individuals interested in participating in the program as Ambassadors must be nominated by their local ISP coordinator/team members.  To discuss next steps and request an Ambassadors of Hope Discernment & Information Packet, please contact your Regional Director.


“Something Michael needed, he saw in me.  And something I needed, I saw in him.

—Isaac, Ambassador of Hope, Boston MA