isp journey mobile app

Welcome to ISP Journey! This innovative new communications platform will deepen the ISP mission by providing our community opportunities to reflect and connect across our 29-city network.

Guided by the wisdom of Ignatian spirituality and 12-Step principles, the ISP Journey app invites us to reflect on, and deepen our relationship with, the God of our understanding and to connect with others across our growing community. This app was designed especially with our alumni in mind, as a way for them to stay connected and become leaders in our ministry. 

ISP volunteer teams can use ISP Journey to…

  • invite alumni to stay connected to the ISP community following retreats
  • launch or strengthen ongoing spiritual reflection programs
  • foster one-to-one spiritual friendship or mentoring
  • recruit new participants
  • access on-the-spot overnight retreat and formation resources
  • easily add reflection and formation to your ISP team meetings
  • share best practices with other coordinators and team members around the network
  • receive up-to-date notifications on ISP network events and formation resources

You can download ISP journey in Google Play on an Android or in the App store on an Apple device.