At the Company of Grace on Thursday, April 24, 2025, guests both virtual and in-person were invited to share a 6-word story about a significant relationship in their life. Many people wrote on cards or submitted stories online, all of which helped shape the magic of the evening. Here are a sampling of the anonymous sacred stories!

Motherhood triggered contemplative life and prayer.
From God. In community. For life.
He’s my friend and my rock
I’ll be okay please trust me
crush years ago reunited senior joy
We meet, loving, dying, we meet.
God took John, gave me McKenna.
Three women working together. God smiled.
Grateful for the Gift of Grace
That day, we didn’t say good-bye
Love family and big band music.
Special needs Grandaughter called me “Pa”
Open eyes to beautiful new day!
Different, yet the same, always loved.
Laughter, Peaceful, Togetherness, Dedicated, Soulmates, Challenging
Sang me to sleep with Psalms.
Wow God really likes me!
Sports, a new adventure. Sharing together.
Imprisoned 32 years. Exonerated. He loves.
Fear not dear one, welcome ,come
Simple prayer now: Help me out Lord
A true friend and spiritual partner
She makes me laugh so hard.
Long illness. She wrote me postcards.
Quietly holding my heart in chapel
She exudes wisdom, warmth and love..
Church invites finally accepted: Life changed.
he had me at spilled soup
Loved watching Red Skelton Show together
Welcomes each fresh morning: my Koda
Inspired faith sharing with former prisoners
36 years, divorce, despair, consolation, hope!
Joy. Love. Disappointment. Confusion. Healing. Joy.
Good Books. Good Conversation. Dear Friends
Showing the Way – with love
Please go for help. Love, Mom.
Blue sky, white petals, green grass
Mom, our faith keeps us close
A Reservoir of beauty and adventure.
faithful rescue beagle refused to chase rabbits
Jesuits God grace sober 9 years
I won the dad lottery
It all began with Christmas Vacation
Leaving my husband made life amazing
She brings me joy!
Sisters bound with soulfulness-love-gratitude
Sandhill Cranes…Mother and Dad Reunited
Stardust unfolding into everything, earth, me
Forever in love with that girl
Southern, Jersey: world of accents
Going to see the movies Downtown
Family joy with him for life!
Boarded a bus- friends for life.
Role model. Now living worlds apart.
Always worth fighting with, and for.
My best friend is my wife
Thirty-one years, looking forward to more
She was always my best friend
Laughter Bubbling Up History Acceptance Grace
The awesome power of unconditional love.
Authenticity, transparency & faith in Men’s Group.
Elevator. Ding. Porcupine. Love. Kids. God.
Journey of faith, stories, and humor.
Gratitude first. It changes everything.
Love makes it all make sense
God spouse children grandchildren so blessed
Always there to help me with my anxiety
Makes me laugh when I’m down