by Sandra Spencer, ISP St. Louis 

reflecting on Luke 24:35-48 

(Sandra invites you to listen to the song “Remember Your Love” as you reflect on today’s readings.)

We come into this Scripture with two disciples who have met Jesus somewhere on the road, in the breaking of the bread. This Jesus – the Risen Christ – in today’s Scripture, is beautifully human in the ways He wants and needs to be known so that the disciples are enabled to believe the Scriptures with new faith and understanding. The grace we pray for today is that the Spirit can open our minds with new understanding. We ask to be faithful witnesses in the way we recognize this living Christ not only in our own lives, but also in and with the people whose lives touch us.

Here Jesus invites a personal encounter with the disciples. He says, “Touch me and see!” Their fear is overcome, and the faith of these disciples is brought to life. The Risen Jesus goes further to prove himself present. He asks if there is something to eat – even fish would be good. There is new faith, new acceptance in these two people, and…

Once the student is ready…the teacher appears.

With peace and deepened faith, Jesus is accepted, recognized and remembered. It is then He reminds the disciples: “These are words I spoke to you, while I was still with you.” He knows! They are ready to listen. “He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.” Jesus lets them know that what they have witnessed in his suffering and death is REAL and that they are blessed by the Father. In this faith, they will be sent by the Spirit to bring reconciliation and forgiveness to all nations.

We watch the transformation of the disciples…turning from fear, to belief, to trust in the Spirit that is coming. They were promised the presence of the Father. With a deep renewal of their faith, they would be ready to witness the Christ-message of reconciliation, forgiveness, and love.

This desire of the Risen Christ to be known, to be remembered, to be experienced, in us and among us, is renewed these Easter Days. We are told again that the Spirit is coming. The Spirit will help us witness the forgiveness and love of the Risen Christ in us and through us, for the sake of all. And with new faith we believe.

In prayer today I will open my life to this Risen Christ, Who wants to be known, received, remembered and loved. I will remember my Christ-journey through the years into TODAY. I will gratefully recommit, witnessing to forgiveness and love in this ongoing community in which I live, work, pray and play, preparing for Pentecost!

“Where can I go from Your Spirit? My journeys, You scrutinize.”

Reflection Questions: Have I had an experience of the risen Christ in my life?  When? With whom? Where? Have I had an invitation(s) to respond to people who need to be touched or fed or heard​ – beyond words that are said? Have I ever helped someone believe?  Have I ever had a need to remember in order to believe again in word or in deed?  Have I had any experience of needing the presence of the Spirit to learn or to teach forgiveness?

Sandra is a volunteer in the St. Louis ISP team and a member of St. Francis Xavier ‘College’ Church at St. Louis University, where she is a member of the Parish Intercessory Group and a lector. She offers herself in ministry as a spiritual director and a retreat leader. She is a former teacher, missionary, chaplain, and catechist.