Who am I? (Reflection for April 5th)

Apr 5, 2024

by Queen Brown, ISP Chicago

reflecting with Philippians 4

Who am I? I asked this question many times many years ago. The Bible says to “ask, knock and seek my face.”

I did that, and lo and behold, doors started opening, and I met lots of people. 

There were people with PhDs, Bachelor degrees, psychiatrists, as well as corporate people. I said, “Lord, new question: what am I doing here with all these people with these letters behind their names?” 

The Bible says, “I didn’t give you the spirit of fear, but of love, peace and sound mind. Be still and know that I am God, for I know the plans I have for you.”

Today I have my own letters after my name:  “Queen B., ISP-AOH (ISP-Ambassador of Hope), VP (vice president of the nurses’ ministry), LEL (Lived Experience Leader.)”

Each one of these projects or programs are made up of people of empowerment, willing to help others by listening to their stories with their hearts. They’re only desire is to freely give us an opportunity that will help us in designing a new way of living for our future. 

Today, I know who I am, whose I am, and where I am supposed to be. I remember, “Your crown will never fall off while you’re helping another fix theirs.” (author unknown)

Thank you, Ignatian Spirituality Project, for all you do. 

Reflection Questions: How do you find confidence and hope in who and how God made you? When do you find the opportunity to “be still” and know all that God delights in you and has planned for you?

Queen joined ISP on retreat in 2015 and has served as a witness, facilitator, Ambassador of Hope, and team volunteer in Chicago. She loves writing and is currently finishing her first book, aiming to publish this summer. Learn more here about ISP’s Ambassadors of Hope.