“I yearn for this group”: Spiritual reflection sessions grow exponentially

Mar 24, 2022

As we continue to make our way back from COVID, our ongoing spiritual reflection sessions continue to be the strength of ISP programs. These hour-long reflections, often embedded inside a shelter or social service agency, provide ongoing pastoral support to participants.  They also allow for building deeper relationships with participants, and can act as a feeder to overnight retreats. 

Between October and December 2021 alone, ISP volunteer teams offered 188 sessions – 166% of the number of sessions offered during the same time period in 2018, right before COVID hit. Collectively, this is 1,567 experiences of love, hope, and healing.  The number of reflections and attendees has seen a steady increase year-over-year, a trend indicating the increasing need and desire for regular spiritual reflections from volunteers and participants alike. 

Recent participants in our spiritual reflection sessions have told us: 

“The reflections are like a fresh start, a new beginning. I yearn for this group.”
“Every minute here is precious to me.” 
“I don’t need to be alone anymore. I can always call for help.”
“Your presence here helps me on my path.”

As a pastoral care and companionship ministry, we’ll continue to seek out the right venues and partnerships to provide these programs across all our affiliates. We’re excited to see what possibilities await our ministry in 2022 and beyond.



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