On January 1, 2021, the Ignatian Spirituality Project welcomed Christine Curran as our new Executive Director, succeeding Tom Drexler who served in the role for 12 years. Christine shares a bit about herself and her vision for the ministry in a note to the ISP network below.

I am honored and excited to step into the role of Executive Director of the Ignatian Spirituality Project. It is humbling to have an opportunity to lead this ministry which is so close to my heart, and one that has a profound impact on so many in our community. 

Spiritual retreats have long been an important part of my life. Twenty years ago, as I began sensing a call to ministry, I attended a vocation retreat where I was invited to create a personal mission statement as a discernment exercise. Quite surprisingly, and very naturally, the phrase came to me: “My mission is to provide safe refuge, comfort and hope to those seeking God.”  This mission statement remains on my fridge, albeit very faded, to this day, and its spirit has helped guide my life and work. In subsequent years, my professional experience has centered on administration and org. development of faith-based nonprofits serving those on the margins, with a special focus on homeless youth and adults.

I came to ISP four years ago attracted by our mission to provide life-changing opportunities to men and women seeking to reclaim the power of God in their lives. As Director of Programs, I was privileged to work with an incredible team to help rethink critical aspects of our programs and formation as well as to find creative ways to better connect with, and empower, ISP alumni. As Executive Director, I look forward to working with our staff, volunteers and board to continue to build an ISP ministry that is dynamic, innovative and impactful. 

Over these past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled many of us to reassess our priorities and acknowledge the importance of our personal relationships in a new way. As we begin to see some light at the end of this dark period, I believe the ISP ministry is being called on to sink down roots and deepen our relationships at the local level. In the near term, I plan to help focus our energies on increasing support for our existing ISP programs, promoting alumni leadership across our network, broadening and diversifying our volunteer teams, and consciously investing in the local communities where we serve. By strengthening and deepening our roots, we can more effectively create spaces for people to encounter God’s love, hope and healing.  

Today, ISP’s mission of hope and connection is so needed and I believe our ministry is poised for incredible growth in the years to come. We are in debt to Tom Drexler for his inspired leadership and to our board and volunteer community for their incredible dedication to this important ministry. 

Together, let’s look forward to more light and hope in 2021.  Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Christine Curran, ISP Executive Director