ISP’s Ambassadors of Hope program empowers those who have experienced first-hand the transformative effect of ISP to become future leaders in our ministry. ISP Ambassadors are men and women of faith serving as volunteers who long to share their gifts, talents and abilities with others who are on the journey of recovery. Ambassadors are formed through a range of retreats, workshops, and customized experiences during the two-year program. These amazing individuals are dedicated to “paying it forward” and advancing the mission and ministry of ISP locally and throughout the ISP network.

We are proud to bring Cleveland, Ohio Ambassadors Dara Elliot and Tria O’Maille in conversation with speaker, writer and activist Lisa Sharon Harper at this year’s Company of Grace celebration. Together, these gifted women will share and reflect on transformation, brokenness, healing, and the power of our own stories on the path to recovery.

Dara Elliott is a native of Savannah, Georgia, the mother of three sons and a teacher. She is also the daughter of the Reverend Jonyrma Singleton – the first African American female Associate Pastor of the Church of the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Cleveland, Ohio. Dara credits her mother with “praying her into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.” We are grateful that Dara has been a part of the ISP Cleveland women’s team since 2018. Dara says, “My spiritual journey with ISP has been a light in my path. It has certainly helped nourish my relationship with God and allowed me to give back to women what was freely given to me, hope and freedom. I am truly grateful for this chapter in my story. Thanks be to God!”

Tria O’Maille recently retired as a dance/movement psychotherapist and Healing Services Specialist at Euclid Hospital Cleveland Clinic. A former Sister of Charity of St. Augustine, Tria is a life-long seeker of wisdom, justice and hope who joined the ISP Cleveland team in 2019. Over the years, Tria has collaborated with many Jesuit artists and social justice groups. Tria says she is “deeply grateful for the persons God has sent to love and ‘dance’ with me on this life journey, who have brought me to where I find myself at this moment.”

Please join us and our slate of special guests and storytellers at the 25th celebration of the Company of Grace on Thursday, March 9th. Register today!

You can also learn more about our Ambassadors of Hope here.