Recovery is for everyone

Sep 21, 2022

“Recovery means being able to be the authentic self that God created me to be.” -Dawn 

“What does recovery mean to me?  Abundant life!” -Dorothy

It’s National Recovery Month, which is close to our hearts here at ISP.  We believe recovery is for everyone: “every person, every family, every community”, as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration says. 

While ISP works with folks recovering from the trauma of homelessness and addiction, in particular, all of us have been wounded, have experienced loss. It’s part of the human condition. Loneliness, heartache, estrangement, divorce, death, physical injuries and sickness… none of us are immune.  

We invite you to consider one of those times in your life. What did it look like to you to “recover”?  Are you still on that journey? What does recovery mean to you today? 

One thing we know: the recovery journey – and the destination – looks different for everyone.  

Another thing we know: the path becomes a bit less daunting, a bit less dark, when you have others walking alongside you. 

We’re all on a journey of some kind of recovery.  At ISP, we’re on the journey together.  


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