Finding Love in Unlikely Places (Reflection #3 in our Advent Series)

Dec 13, 2022

by Dawn Davis

For me, Advent is about LOVE. Love can be found in the most unlikely places. On a street corner, I saw love. A random stranger stopped to help an elderly woman cross the street. Without hesitation, he greeted her with a smile and escorted her across the street. I was at the stoplight and in that moment, I saw what most of us would have missed. I could see the woman’s facial expression change as the gentleman began to talk to her. I could only imagine what was being said but could tell that the conversation was well-received by the bright smile on her face.

In the same way, love is visible the minute strangers arrive at an ISP overnight retreat. When they introduce themselves and start talking, the love of Jesus is on the faces of the ISP volunteers. They may not know each other at first, but love is apparent as the retreatants begin to share their stories. When the retreatants show up, they don’t know what to expect. But by the end of it, they feel a love that’s been absent for some time. Love is evident by the end of the retreat when connections are made, and phone numbers are exchanged. They hope to be able to speak again and share the love that was felt while on retreat. I’ve learned that love isn’t just an emotion, it’s an action.

For further reflection:  As we prepare our hearts for Love to enter this Christmas, what is a simple way we can show love to my community – my family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues – this week? 

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