Planting Seeds of New Life

Apr 9, 2020

“Not so long ago, addicted to drugs and alcohol, I lived life on freight trains and streetcorners. I would go months without ever crossing the threshold of a door of any kind. For three years, subsisting out of garbage cans was my main occupation, whether I was on a search for food and water or for bottles and cans to be cashed in at the local recycling yard.”

So begins an article in the recent America magazine by our own Andrew LaBarre, ISP alumni and men’s team coordinator for the Twin Cities retreat team.  We are grateful for Andrew’s experience, wisdom, and leadership.

“When I share my life with others who have had many of the same experiences as me, I can begin to chip away at the defenses they put in place over years of life on the street. I am able to plant the seeds of new life, a life made attainable through a relationship with God.”

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